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Experience a life with Nature. Commune with nature. Pluck fruit and wild berries (during season) or climb trees. Go for walks in the jungle and explore the numerous walking trails and waterfalls around Pangot. Picnic besides a stream/waterfall that is a 40-minute walk from the resort. Sit around a bonfire in the evenings.
Explore the traditional Kumouni villages around Pangot.


Naina Peak is highest hill top around 10 KM from Pangot and one of the famous tourist spots in Nainital. This peak is also called as China Peak and Cheena Peak by locals in Naintal. Due to high altitude and lush green forest path, Naina Peak offers the splendid Bird’s eye view of the Nainital town, the Himalayas and also the vast expanses of the Kumaon region. It is a bliss for people who love walking. One can go for long walks, breath fresh air and enjoy the scenic beauty.


At about 12 km. from Nainital at a height of (2528 MT) lies a place fit for weekend picnics. It is famous for its flora and fauna and bird watching. One can have a wide panoramic view of Himalayas along with a view of Tarai and Bhabhar. Kilbury is an enchanting, picture-book picnic spot. Lined by lush oak, pine and rhododendron forests and with panoramic views of majestic snow-capped peaks in the distance, Kilbury is perfect to spend the day on your back doing nothing but lazily watching the clouds float by.


At a distance of 8 km from Pangot, Himalayan Darshan is a viewpoint situated in Nainital. Located on the way to Kilbury, it is one of the popular vantage points in Nainital and among the top Nainital Tourist Places. Nestled at an altitude of about 2000 m, Himalayan Darshan is also known as Himalayan Viewpoint and is a beautiful tourist spot in Nainital. This viewpoint offers some spectacular views of several prominent Himalayan peaks along with surrounding lush green hills and valleys below. It is a very good place to spend some time in solitude amid the Mother Nature.


Literally meaning seven lakes all the group of small lakes nested together, about 23 kms from Nainital at an altitude of (1370 MT) still untouched by modernisation – one can see the natures beauty at its best.

Seven Lakes Of Sattal

  • Panna Tal or Garud Tal.
  • Nal-Damyanti Tal.
  • Purna Tal.
  • Sita Tal.
  • Ram Tal.
  • Laxman Tal.
  • Sukha Tal or Khurdariya Tal


At an altitude of 5500 ft (1635 MT) there lies just another beautiful spot at a distance of 12 km from Nainital popularly known as Khurpatal. It is considered to be anglers paradise having clear water and a good harvest of fishes. The route to Khurpatal is lined with tall trees. Many of them growing by the sheer drop by the road seem to be standing there by luck! On the Bajpur Road – Kaladgungi Road.


Sariyatal is about 5 kms away from Nainital on the way to K a l a d h u n g i, nestled this small Lake and a beautiful tourist spot. Sariyatal is a very good place to pass some time in solitude enjoying the beauty of nature.

Neem Karoli Baba Ashram Kainchi Dham

It is a placed at an altitude of (1400 MT) On the Nainital – Almora Road, 9 Km from Bhowali and 17 Kms from Nainital is a modern pilgrim centre. This place has achieved recognition owing to the ashram of the famous Shri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji. Many hundreds of people visit the temples here every day, in season. Each year, during the June 15th Bhandara, reportedly, more than one lakh (100,000) people are fed.
Kainchi is a term used for two sharp hairpin bends of the motor road in local dialect hence the name. It has NO relation with scissors. Founded by the famous Maharaj Neem Karoli Baba in 1962 and is very well maintained and kept neat and clean.


Himalayan Botanical Garden at Sariyatal near Nainital has a butterfly Park, herbarium, library and a fern house with other facilities.
The Himlayan Botanical Garden is a centre of study for the scientists and the botanists. Himalayan Botanic Gardens is located just outside Nainital, the lake city of Uttarakhand in the Himalayas. This garden, extending to an area of 30 hectares has a collection of several native plant species, many of which are rare and endangered. The major attractions include an orchidarium, fernatum, herbarium, Thunia alba orchid, geodesic dome, waterfalls, etc. The entry ticket is Rs. 20. The botanic garden is run by the Uttarakhand Forest Department. It is a very good Eco Tourism Destination.


Camels Back is a stupendous life-like mountain peak the shape of which resembles the back of a camel. It is a popular spot for horse riding and taking long nature walks. Rock climbing training sessions also happen here during peak season. Visit it during early evening hours as sunset looks exceptionally salubrious from this place in Nainital. Located 2422 meters above sea level, you get to experience a panoramic view of the Tarai region from this popular picnic spot. It is also famous by the name of Deopatta’s back. Remember to take your food basket and munchies along as you seldom find any eatery near this place.


Aptly called theland of roar, trumpet and songs. (120 km) away set on the banks of the mighty Ram Ganga river is Dhikala – the main tourist attraction in the world famous and India’s first national Park – Jim Corbett. One can sit in solitude for hours admiring the nature and the river or can go for jeep Safari or Elephant ride for a life thrilling encounter with the Lord of the Jungle – Tiger. The 525 of forests and more than 500 species of animals, birds fishes and reptibs provides a range of adventure to all -from a child to a man with his adrenaline pumping.


From here you get a magnificent 380 km broad view of the Himalayan range. A unique feature of this moist temperate forest is the Khoola (Jhoola) moss that carpets the floor below. This moss absorbs water and helps in retaining moisture in the forest. However, due to indiscriminate extraction and collection for its use in several cosmetic products, this moss has become highly endangered. Evenings are magical as the setting sun transforms the icy Himalayas across Kunjkharak into gold. Kharak in Kumaoni meaning pass.

Nainital, a tourist destination -15 KM/40 Minute.
Brahmasthali Trek, 12 KM drive from pangot and 1 hour trek.


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